Phrase Party! Lite App Recensioni


It plays like a low budget college movie. In other words it is the worst game to download. Don’t waste your time on this

App crashes after saving video

Used to be my favorite game to play at a party. Now when you save the video the app crashes and resets all the points. Plz fix asap! Viewing videos after the round is the best feature!


Much better versions available

Good game

Can play it alone and by urself


Having a blast!

Fun game

Love it

Great party game

It's really fun. Good icebreaker for a quiet group as well

Make Games Great Again

Honestly best game I've ever played! It's equally as good as Trump's presidency.

Lots of fun for partying

Had a blast playing this game with friends while partying. Only bad thing is not a lot of categories to choose from even after doing all these things for coins. Not sure what that's all about....

Awesome game

Played with my niece and nephew and loved it ,found the download and happy to play with family

Mad good

It's mad fun with friends




Awesome game!



Love it

I love it


Fun fun fun app!


Super fun game.

Love it

Always playing my daughter and wofe😀 love it

Good game

Good game

Love this

Get this app it's the best

Phrase party



Heck a fun

Great games

Always fun!


My friend said that he had the word teaspoon but I know that it was tablespoon cause I saw it after. I need confirmation that the word teaspoon isn't on the game and that the word tablespoon is. If the creators could contact me I would be extremely grateful. This is massively important so any input is helpful. I also very much enjoyed the game. Please help me folks.

Looks fun

Is fun

Good game

It's a good game



Game is cool

I'm writing this to get coins.

Fine App!

I have a lot of fun with this!



Just like catch phrase!

Fun solo or classic! Addictive

Great game

Lotta fun and laughter


Awesome game

Love it!

This is great party game if you don't mind your phone being passed around a group of people who might drop it or have sticky pizza fingers. The ads of the free version are unobtrusive and game works flawlessly on my iPhone 6. I love it!

Love it

Great game for a big group of people


Fun! Yay!

Phrase Party

This game is such a fun game to play for a girls night


Would be an amazing game but it freezes constantly.

Love this game!

A great game for groups of 6+ or solo games. Awesome app!



Every time I play this game I...

... A joyous event with friends savagely ruined by a tiny device. I've played a lot of games, before and after technology took over the world, and this one really tickled the gorilla. Everything just blew up? Suddenly?!? It was ad after ad as if I was playing a digital magazine and those subscription cards were falling out onto my lap creating a heaping pile of colored card stock. I just can't understand all the problems. Have you ever played tambourin with a panda? Neither have I. But I feel like I understand how it feels to strum that tambourine with a bamboo eating furry beast.


Fun game to play with friends!!


Super fun to play with friends! It would've been better if the college and Adult would've been open to us.


So cool yay

Game Night!

This made our holiday family game night! Super fun and easy to use.

Fun & noisy.

Good entertainment for groups of all ages.

Phrase party is fun

I love playing phrase party



Its cool.

Its pretty cool.

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